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Giving Combat Missions 360-Degree Visibility

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You’re in a military vehicle, making your way through a combat zone. There’s a sand storm on the horizon and unfriendly forces close by. Every direction holds danger, and every mile takes you closer to the unknown. But you are focused on your mission – on just getting it done. The only way to succeed is to know 100% of what’s ahead of you and what’s behind, despite darkness or poor visibility.

If there’s a solution out there that can help you see everything, react fast, complete your orders, and get home safe – it’s the one you want on the vehicle you’re in. That solution is an Independent Stabilized Sighting (ISS) system, which gives combat vehicles true situational awareness, enhanced targeting capability, and the 360-degree intel to do what you need to do at a moment’s notice.

Dependable Intelligence That Saves Lives

Military agencies around the world are adding ISS systems to their vehicles, investing in these advanced technologies for intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) and targeting missions. Their growing popularity is easy to understand: they enhance vehicle capabilities dramatically, helping land-based forces improve their effectiveness and their chances of survival. Sighting systems can be fixed on a vehicle for on-the-move capability, or used in a fixed-mast configuration.


Modular Solutions for a Changing Battlefield

Agencies need to invest in solutions that are relevant today, but will also work in the future. Modular payload architectures like WESCAM’s MX-RSTA and MX-GCS are scalable, so customers have the flexibility of changing sensor payloads based on changing programs, upgrade requirements – and changing budgets. Baseline configurations can be enhanced with optional optic and laser payloads for a perfectly configured, all-weather 360-degree system that detects, identifies, locates, tracks and engages targets.

Imaging for Every Environment

Advanced imaging technology gives ground troops better visibility despite the environmental conditions they come across – including haze, smoke and blowing sand. It lets them see in the dark and identify targets at great distance. Technologies such as image blending and turbulence mitigation are enhance the visual capabilities in WESCAM’s MX-RSTA and MX-GCS systems. Blending combines heat signatures from IR sensors with colour intel from EO sensors, adding lights, laser illuminators and marker beacons into the scene for vital at-a-glance understanding of the situation. Plus, the turbulence mitigation option removes the visual distraction known as heat shimmer, providing clearer images for better decision making.

WESCAM’s land sighting systems, equipped with industry-leading imaging and targeting technologies, are making a difference in combat situations, enhancing mission effectiveness and protecting valuable assets and personnel. Find out more about us at or visit our channel on YouTube.




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