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Giving thanks – Global Week of Giving

Working at WESCAM

The Global Week of Giving (October 7 – 11, 2019) encourages L3Harris employees around the world to give to their local United Way. This time of year is one of reflection, where we look at what we have and what we have to give – realizing that even the smallest act can have the potential to change a life. When multiplied by many, our generosity can be transformative.

L3Harris chose the United Way, a worldwide not-for-profit movement as the recipient charity for their Global Week of Giving. In Canada, the United Way operates in more than 100 communities. Each United Way raises support locally, directly responding to local needs. Each United Way is governed by an autonomous Board of Directors, with the ultimate goal of building a caring community with the help of staff and volunteers.

This year, L3Harris WESCAM’s annual Thanksgiving lunch is held during the Global Week of Giving. Featuring a traditional harvest meal, with service by our Senior Leadership Team, this event is a chance to interact with colleagues, share a meal and be thankful that we are privileged enough to be able to give to the greater community.

In the spirit of giving, employees are encouraged to participate in on-site food drives. The non-perishable food items collected will help the United Way tackle food insecurity, a pervasive issue that is more than just missing a meal, it can be the choice between paying rent and buying groceries.

Fresh produce at local produce stand offered for a good price in the spirit of givingNew this season is the Fall Market, where employees can purchase everything to create a wonderful Thanksgiving meal – from pumpkins to beans, onions to apples. HostedChef Giving Farmer's Market Produce to Man by Dana Hospitality’s culinary team, who create our on-site meals from scratch, daily. All remaining produce will be donated to local food banks for distribution to our community.

Most Needed Items include: Baby Food/Formula, Peanut Butter, Canned Fish/Meat, Canned Fruit/Vegetables, Rice, Grains, Lentils and Beans, Pasta/Pasta Sauce, Canned Soup, Powdered/Canned/Tetra Pak Milk.

It truly is a privilege to give, and this Thanksgiving, WESCAM is continuing a proud tradition of generosity encouraged by our United Way committee and Senior Leadership Team.

Since 2006, WESCAM employees have rallied to help change the odds for thousands of friends and neighbors who turn to the United Way. In June, WESCAM presented the United Way Halton and Hamilton with $250,000, raised through a number of organized events, such as food drives, auctions and bake sales over the course of the year.

WESCAM’s United Way Committee received two awards at the United Way Evening of Celebration in the spring. The 2018 United Way Spirit Award for Outstanding Employee Campaign of the Year and the 2018 United Way Spirit Award for Outstanding Employee Campaign Chair of the Year, an honor for the passionate Andy Czebe, past Committee Chair.

L3 WESCAM United Way Donations 2018

Our new United Way Committee Chair, Bindi Dhaliwal and her team are hard at work coordinating events and opportunities to improve lives locally by supporting children and youth, building healthy and strong communities and moving people from poverty to possibility. Under Dhaliwal’s guidance, we will work alongside hundreds of corporate partners in Halton and Hamilton and the GTA in support of the United Way.

The United Way Halton and Hamilton’s fundraising goal for 2019 is $11.1 million, “This is the largest goal for the community fund ever, and with your help, we will achieve it,” said Brad Park, President and CEO, United Way Halton & Hamilton.

The United Way Halton and Hamilton improves the lives of over 202,000 people in our region. While the United Way Greater Toronto works with agencies across Peel, Toronto and York Region to address the challenges of child poverty, housing affordability and income inequality.

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