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L3 WESCAM Introduces Mission Rehearsal and Simulation Training Solutions Product Line

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Company to Train Operators Using Latest Virtual Gaming Technology

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 10, 2017 – L3 WESCAM announced today that it will introduce its new mission rehearsal and simulation training solutions product line at the Dubai Airshow, November 12–16, 2017, with hands-on customer demonstrations of a fully networked solution, including air, ground, maritime and command stations, at the L3 Technologies exhibit in Stand 1470. This highly scalable line of training products will enable MX-Series operators and crew members to train independently or as part of a virtual joint-force team using the latest gaming technology at an estimated 70 percent cost savings over traditional training courses.

“Customers around the globe continue to experience a decrease in training budgets, yet are required to have continuous skills maintenance to successfully participate in complex joint-force missions,” said Jeff Miller, President of L3’s Sensor Systems business segment. “Our flexible, powerful and cost-effective line of simulation products continually refines the operational skill sets of MX-Series operators, pilots and ground forces from a safe and secure environment.”

“Through fully customizable and highly realistic training scenarios, crews are able to practice and evaluate missions in a fully networked virtual scenario before entering into any real-time mission environment,” said Rod Till, Vice President of Customer Service for L3 WESCAM. “This keeps mission-critical assets in the field, versus using them for dedicated training purposes, and ensures a high level of mission effectiveness at a low cost.”

Modular in design, the products are deployable as a single part-task trainer or in a full network-centric environment comprising L3’s MX-SIM, MX-SIM Lite, Tactical Mission Trainer, and flight and ground stations. Each product utilizes integrated Virtual Battlespace 3 imaging technology that allows multiple users, despite their geographical locations, to train within a single virtual world in real time. All battlefield and virtual entities can be preprogrammed to react as they would in actual missions. Predefined weather conditions, terrains, aircraft, vehicles and maritime vessels can also be customized per scenario to replicate the upcoming live missions for which crews are training.

The mission rehearsal and simulation product line is the newest component of L3 WESCAM’s complete training solution. This comprehensive solution, a portfolio of training products offered independently or as part of a joint-force team, is designed to keep operators and maintainers of MX-Series electro-optical and infrared systems and solutions operating at maximum potential. The training portfolio includes product familiarization, operation, and organizational and intermediate-level maintenance courses that can be taken over a period of several years.

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