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New Technology Comparison Videos for MX-15 and MX-15D

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L3 WESCAM Announces New Technologies Comparison Video for MX-15/D 

L3 WESCAM recently launched a series of new technologies within our MX™-Series airborne systems which help you to see more, operate easier & analyze with confidence. We are glad to report that each new technology is now available in our MX-15 and MX-15D products. WESCAM has taken a product already known for it’s superior imaging and targeting sensors and made them smarter by adding features that advance its imaging and processing capabilities now and well into the future.

Below you will find links to side-by-side comparison videos demonstrating the advanced performance of these new technologies in our MX-15 and MX-15D products. You can find our more about our MX-15 series from our products pages by clicking here.

Do you think your missions could benefit with our advanced “smarter” technologies? Why not talk to one of our Sales experts.

If you would like to read more about our MX-15, please visit our newsroom and learn how the MX-15 is helping with vital disaster response missions


MX-15/D Pseudo Color IR vs Monochrome IR Comparison
MX-15/D AVT vs WAVT IR vehicles comparison
MX-15/D Low Light EO people and vehicles comparison
MX-15/D embedded MTI comparison
MX-15/D SD SWIR vs HD SWIR Comparison

WESCAM technology provides defense agencies around the world the tools they need to protect the countries they serve. To find out more about our technology, check out or visit us on YouTube. You can also visit us on Twitter at L3WESCAM and Instagram at wescamisr. If you are interested in talking with someone about how L3 WESCAM’s products and services can help improve your mission success please email us at




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