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L3 WESCAM Teams with General Atomics as Part of Team SkyGuardian Canada

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L3 WESCAM’s MX™-20 electro-optical and infrared imaging system will take centre stage on Canada’s MQ-9B Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) as well as the MQ-9 Reaper (currently operated by several NATO countries) as part of Team SkyGuardian Canada. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) made the announcement in Ottawa at CANSEC 2019.

WESCAM’s MX-20 is equipped with high-sensitivity multi-spectral sensors for day, low-light and nighttime missions, and offers low-risk “plug-and-play” installation. The MX-20 operates with detection and recognition capabilities at high altitudes in support of persistent surveillance missions.

GA-ASI has been proactive in integrating L3 WESCAM products onto their RPAS. “Team SkyGuardian is a significant benefit to L3 WESCAM and provides more opportunities for the modular growth path of the WESCAM MX-20 as mission portfolios evolve and the battlespace continues to change on a global scale,” said Jacques Comtois, Vice President and General Manager of L3 WESCAM in the announcement. “MX systems are the eyes of customers across more than 80 countries worldwide.”

“Integrating capabilities from L3 WESCAM and our other Team SkyGuardian partners – CAE and MDA – provides the most capable RPAS solution and the best economic value for Canada,” said Linden Blue, CEO, GA-ASI. “The MX-20 integration on MQ-9 builds on our successful integration of the WESCAM MX-15 onto our Predator XP aircraft. Taking advantage of our close North American relationship, our companies can cooperate to provide unprecedented levels of innovation and business opportunity with our RPAS.”

Combining the best of Canadian industry with the world’s most advanced Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) RPAS, the MQ-9B SkyGuardian, is being developed to fulfill Canada’s RPAS project requirements. Team SkyGuardian presents Canadian industry with business opportunities in the Canadian RPAS Project and across the global fleet of more than 400 MQ-9 aircraft flying throughout the world.

GA-ASI also announced expansion plans for Team SkyGuardian Canada on behalf of partners CAE, MDA, and L3 WESCAM. The partners look to engage industry across the country, particularly small and medium-sized companies, to collaborate on delivering the best solution to the Canadian Armed Forces. Interested companies should watch the Team SkyGuardian website for industry engagements and events.

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