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Partnering with Leonardo on UAV Based Surveillance Solution

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Leonardo Helicopters and Sistemi Dinamici Select L3 WESCAM to provide new UAV Surveillance Solution

Around the world there is increased demand for smaller, more flexible and more affordable airborne surveillance solutions. Existing aircraft manufacturers are leveraging their knowledge and technical capabilities to quickly innovate and provide UAV solutions for this growing segment. Leonardo Helicopters and its subsidiary Sistemi Dinamici, recently selected L3 WESCAM to provide an innovative new UAV surveillance solution based on our MX-10 EO/IR sensor, to be installed in their AWHERO UAV platform for maritime surveillance operations in the Mediterranean sea.

This new UAV solution will support a wide range of border and coast guard missions in Europe including environment protection, maritime safety and security, fisheries control, border control, law enforcement and customs.

Capturing opportunities like this takes tremendous effort and team work. A big thanks goes out to our sales lead Marco Zanata for building a trusted relationship with the team at Sistemi Dinamici, to our Systems Engineering and Demo teams for outstanding support during integration, and to our product engineering teams for building a product with the performance and reliability customers want.

We look forward to further collaboration with the team at Leonardo and other partners to bring more innovations to market. Lots more to come in this space. Stay tuned.




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