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Relocating To Work at L3 WESCAM – Part 1 of a 4 part series

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L3 WESCAM is growing fast, and as a result, we are on the hunt for skilled talent. We have recently been doing some recruiting in the United Kingdom, which has the world’s second-largest defence industry and a highly coveted talent pool. WESCAM has set out to search for people looking to grow their careers in Canada and so far, we’ve welcomed a handful of accomplished individuals and their families to our community and the WESCAM team.  Perhaps you are thinking of taking the leap? We hope to help with that decision by writing a short series of articles to assist new prospects in making an informed decision.

Welcome to Canada Dinner Menu

Relocating from the UK to Canada is a huge career opportunity, and it’s also a big leap. As we do more recruitment across the pond, we want to ensure we’re painting a realistic picture. We start our series of articles off by talking to Tim Pike, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, about the company’s recruitment efforts and hunt for skilled talent.

What is the recruiting process like?

L3 WESCAM and All Points Candidate tour of Toronto
Capping off the days events with a lovely dinner at the CN Tower.

We start with hiring fairs in the UK – recently, we were in Newbury, Leeds, Preston and Glasgow, which are all convenient to major industry hubs. We interview on the spot, give people as much information as we can up front, and encourage both candidates and their spouses to talk to someone who has already made the move. On our last trip, we brought along Janet Andrew, who moved to Burlington with her husband David in 2017, to answer questions and provide a realistic perspective of what living here is like.

We then fly candidates and their spouses to Burlington for more formal interviews and a chance to get the lay of the land before deciding. To help with that, we’ve engaged a third-party relocation and immigration partner called All Points. They take each couple on a customized tour of the community and answer questions about neighbourhoods, schools, cost of living, recreation, etc.

Once a candidate has accepted an offer, All Points arranges a Social Insurance Number (the Canadian equivalent of the UK’s National Insurance Number), provincial health insurance and more. Then, when our new hires and their families arrive, we provide transitional housing, car rental, a generous living allowance, and enough time to get to know the area before finding more permanent accommodations.

We do everything we can to make the move a smooth experience. WESCAM Human Resources and All Points are here to help ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Who typically decides to relocate?

Defence professionals who want to grow their careers are attracted to WESCAM’s possibilities. It’s a chance to move from a country with a large, established industry that’s downsizing, to one with a growing sector that’s hungry for experienced talent. They may also be looking to leave the UK because of Brexit. Canada offers a different political climate that appeals to many.

The people who are actively pursuing roles with us have typically thought about moving to Canada in the past. Most have been here before and aren’t coming into the experience completely blind. One candidate has a Canadian spouse, for example, so the move is a natural choice. People who do well here are flexible and appreciate a good adventure.

Why move to Canada?

For defence professionals looking to make a move, the US is becoming less appealing; they’re closing their borders, while we are opening ours. Our hires are coming through on a brand-new Canadian immigration program called the Global Talent Stream, designed for those people with in-demand skills.

Culturally, Canada and the UK are quite similar, and there’s a big expat population here. Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area in particular, is incredibly diverse. Most cultures are well-represented here, which makes it easy to feel at home.

Why work for WESCAM?

Because it’s a great time to work at WESCAM. Business is solid, and there’s a ton of innovation going on. We plan to double in size in the next five years. We’re finding new ways of using our products, expanding from airborne use to maritime and ground-based applications. And we aren’t limited by an exclusive US focus. Our customers are around the world.

L3 WESCAM searched for United Kingdom New Hires

Located in beautiful Burlington , a friendly city that’s just 45 minutes west of Toronto, the culture at WESCAM is excellent. It’s inclusive, supportive and employee-centric. We have an internal university that offers important learning opportunities. We have lots of fun employee events and a community feel. And the work we do is important. It saves lives and keeps people safe.

Next up: David Andrew, who joined L3 WESCAM from the United Kingdom in the fall of 2017, shares his relocation experiences and tips.

L3 WESCAM technology provides defense agencies around the world the tools they need to protect the countries they serve. To find out more about our technology, check out or visit us on YouTube. You can also visit us on Twitter at L3WESCAM and Instagram at wescamisr. If you are interested in talking with someone about how L3 WESCAM’s products and services can help improve your mission success, please email us at




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