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Technology that Connects Communications Between Air, Land and Maritime Platforms

Missions & Applications

How do you pinpoint and help a tiny boat in trouble on the ocean, or a hiker lost in the wilderness? How do you patrol vast areas that include land, water and miles and miles of coastline? By having multiple eyes in sky, on land and on water and a seamless communication system that allows aircraft, boats and vehicles to act as a unit, creating a common operating picture that all responding forces can see.

In a recent incident in Florida, the local marine unit got a panicked 2:00 am call about a man overboard five miles east of Palm Beach. When they arrived at the boat, they learned one of its occupants had fallen overboard, and was nowhere to be found.

That’s when the coordinated efforts began. A Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) Eagle helicopter, equipped with a WESCAM MX-10 system with night vision capabilities, was dispatched to the scene. They quickly spotted the heat signature of a floating man – and astounding 1.5 miles away from the boat. The pilot notified the marine unit immediately, guiding them to the man, who they pulled out of the water, still alive. Without WESCAM’s MX-10 operating from above, searching such a large area would have been impossible – they would never have reached the man before he drowned. Watch the video.

Ship at sea and airplane above - A RAAF P-8A Poseidon supports sea trials for the NUSHIP Hobart

WESCAM’s advanced imaging solutions offer air, land, maritime teams and command centers incredibly detailed views of large areas. Multi-spectral sensors ensure optimal images at any time, day or night, with high-magnification optics and HD cameras that see in both colour and infrared.

All MX-Series sensors feature industry-leading stabilization that ensure quality images, no matter how much movement there is from the aircraft, ship or vehicle they are attached to. Object-based video tracking and moving target indicator technologies enhance operator ease of use, and make spotting detail simpler, whether it’s a tiny boat in a big body of water or unfriendly forces in unfamiliar terrain.

Watch as the camera on a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office helicopter hones in on a capsized sailboat after an SOS, dropping flotation devices and coordinating seamlessly with the local rescue team to get two stranded sailors to safety.

Protecting borders. Enabling missions

Common operating picture capabilities are also vital to border security and military operations. Australia’s border patrol employs WESCAM technology, protecting their maritime borders from illegal activities and immigration. Watch the dramatic footage as officers board a Vietnamese fishing boat that has illegally entered Australian waters.

In military applications, cross-domain communications ensure aircraft can speak to command centers, who then relay vital real-time intel directly to land-based forces. WESCAM technology turns multiple forces into a cohesive team – one that responds to threats effectively, using all available assets to get the job done.

Big picture. Big difference.

WESCAM has the airborne, land and maritime EO/IR surveillance and targeting solutions to operate effective rescues, advance national security operations, and give armed forces the edge they need to succeed. Find out more about us at or visit our channel on YouTube.

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