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Unmanned Missions Boost Speed, Safety and Accuracy

Missions & Applications

From gathering intelligence to fighting terrorists, sending manned aircraft into hot zones has a number of disadvantages. The biggest one is that it puts human lives in harm’s way. Cost is another significant factor – planes and helicopters are expensive to buy, operate and maintain. So it’s no surprise that unmanned aircraft (UAVs) are gaining popularity for a variety of military applications, including missions across both land and maritime domains.

The greatest benefit of UAVs is obvious: they keep military personnel on the ground and out of danger. This advantage alone has led to a growth in popularity across military, paramilitary and airborne law enforcement (ALE) markets. Without a human pilot, aircraft operating in military and ALE capacity can stay in operation for significantly longer and operate with better accuracy from greater distances, reducing collateral damage to civilians and infrastructure.

“We take great pride in providing customers with EO/IR systems designed with the right tools to provide crisp imagery for un-ambiguous decision making,” said Paul Jennison, L3 WESCAM’s VP of Government Sales and Business Development. “Configured with high-definition EO and IR optics and precise laser technologies, these systems are fully equipped with the essential tools for dynamic UAV mission requirements.”

See WESCAM’s MX-10 in action from the nose of a Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS in Fogo Island – Canada

Up close and personal

Deploying MX-series-equipped UAVs enables smarter decision-making in volatile situations; the system’s industry-leading magnification, resolution and stabilization capabilities offer a close-up view into almost any situation. Ground control crews operating UAVs have been able to uncover key intelligence with an unprecedented level of detail – they can recognize everything from weapons being carried to individual faces, scars and even tattoos.

WESCAM’s MX systems range in weight and size to fit with all classes of UAVs, including the well-known Shadow, Predator and CAMCOPTER S-100. From the long-range WESCAM MX-20 to the tactical MX-8, WESCAM is helping customers see the big picture down to the last detail, gathering important intel – and saving lives.

WESCAM technology provides defense agencies around the world the tools they need to protect the countries they serve. To find out more about our technology, check out or visit us on YouTube. You can also visit us on Twitter at L3WESCAM. If you are interested in talking with someone about how L3 WESCAM’s products and services can help improve your mission success please contact us.




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