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WESCAM Behind-the-Scenes – The Plant Tour

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Defense, military, homeland security and airborne law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on L3 WESCAM’s stabilized, multi-spectral EO/IR systems and solutions to support time sensitive ISR and targeting missions. These solutions are built by the best and brightest minds in the Aerospace and Defence industries, who are passionate about preserving lives and making the world safer.L3 WESCAM Behind the Scenes on Factory Tour

L3 WESCAM’s Marketing Department was asked to provide our Business Development Team with more tools to generate global awareness around the state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering, optical design and rigorous testing that our product goes through to ensure that our clients can SEE FIRST and ACT FIRST.

With 4,300 MX Systems in operation on 216 platforms, in 84 countries, WESCAM’s Business Development Team wanted a way to show the size and scope of our facility.  Using the power of video, our discerning clients can now see where their systems are manufactured, the quality of the technology that supports their missions and the passion behind each build. Click here to watch the video.

We also support what we sell – with boots on the ground 24/7, WESCAM Authorized Service Centers (WASCs), remote diagnostic tooling and field support agents (available for dispatch from each service center) who are ready and able to support our global customer base on a moment’s notice.  As we continue to evolve and develop increasingly advanced solutions, we are excited to show clients worldwide, from Malaysia to France and the United States, a behind-the-scenes tour of our AS9100-Certified plant.

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