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WESCAM MX-8 Selected for Polish Army’s E-310 Orlik UAV

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L3Harris has gained a new customer and another new platform. This following the decision by the Polish Army to acquire 47 MX™-8, electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) WESCAM MX™-Series systems for installation on new a fleet of tactical E-310 Orlik Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). With this decision, the Polish Army joins a customer base of over 400 across more than 80 countries.

“This order pairs an advanced, lightweight and tactical UAV with our smallest, yet extremely powerful MX sensor solution,” said Jacques Comtois, Vice President and General Manager for L3Harris’ WESCAM division. “We are pleased to support our new customers, the Polish Army, with a sensor that matches their technical requirements and program budget, while supporting their national security with operational readiness across the modern battlefield.”

L3’s fully digital WESCAM MX-8 has an installed weight of 15 pounds, or 6.8 kilograms, with a clearance level of less than 11 inches, or 28 centimeters, and is capable of supporting up to four sensors simultaneously. The MX-8 is equipped with an advanced image processing suite that produces real-time image enhancement across all sensors and contains all of the geolocation capabilities of L3Harris’ larger WESCAM MX-Series systems.

L3’s fully digital MX-8The E-310 UAV is capable of conducting 15-hour long sorties at altitudes of up to 5 km. It operates at a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour – and a distance of up to 150 kilometers away from its ground-control station.  The MX-8’s low size, weight and power (SWaP) requirement and proven in-flight stabilizaion levels showcase a viable solution for this tactical platform and  the region’s growing surveillance requirements.

L3 WESCAM has over 4,700 MX-Series Systems operating across the globe, and a robust in-support service network for our customers world wide. Watch our video to see what the Worldwide Authorized Service Center (WASC) in the United States looks like, and how our customers benefit from this service. L3Harris’ global in-service support footprint includes 14 service centers, remote diagnostic testing of fielded systems, simulation training and mission rehearsal capability, eLearning, classroom, in-flight and in-vehicle training. Find out more by visiting our web site and checking out our Training and Simulation page.

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