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Winning with ERP – Increasing Business Efficiency and Profitability

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Having ranked as one of Canada’s top 100 Corporate Research and Development spenders, L3 WESCAM is continuing our 40-plus year history of innovation in Canada by investing internally in our processes and our people.

The new year meant a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for L3 WESCAM, designed to support the growth of our business and provide a foundation for the future. Cost control, business intelligence, the elimination of data islands, as well as auditable process tracing are just some of the expectations of this system.

An ERP implementation of this size typically takes a year and a half. Over 18 months, a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts methodologically built and tested the system. Led by a Steering Committee, the project was deemed high priority and ultimately impacted “everyone who supported someone supporting ERP”.

L3WESCAM staff photo

The apex of an implementation at WESCAM

Planning, training, reviewing, dress rehearsals, sleepless nights and nail-biting days for those dedicated to the imminent end goal of Go Live. This is the apex by the numbers:

Time frame:

  • 11 days leading up to January 1, 2018

Staffing – 120 people including:

  • 16 Subject Matter Experts
  • 9 project Support Personnel
  • 50+ Power Users company wide
  • 6 Consultants
  • Steering Committee and Segment Leaders on speed dial

Working dilegently for ERP-LN "GO Live" LaunchWorking Toward The ERP-LN Launch

It truly takes a village to Go Live. Just one more example of L3 WESCAM’s dynamic people coming together to make a difference in the future growth of the company.

Ranked by the Burlington Economic Development Corporation as one of the area’s leading employers, L3 WESCAM’s continued success impacts our region in a myriad of ways. Most of us live within a reasonable commute from the office. While the ERP implementation was recognized within the walls of L3 WESCAM, there was a quiet economic boost to the local businesses that were there to support our hard-working team.

An International Roster of Take Out Cuisine

An international roster of take-out cuisine kept folks fed. Some of the local restaurants and franchises that kept our implementation team going were a stone’s throw from our Kerns Road location and included:

Halibut ‘n Malt

Aroma Kitchen

IMI Japanese Cuisine

Pita Pit

Montfort Mediterranean Grill

Swiss Chalet



And finally, Costco for the party-sized bags of Chicago Mix for afternoon snack.

The apex of the ERP implementation was a herculean task, fueled by some pretty terrific restaurants. The impact of its success is felt enterprise-wide. Of course, with any new system, there is a period of transition and the necessity of intrinsic knowledge transfer from those in the trenches of ERP development (SMEs and consultants) to the greater L3 WESCAM team. The real-world implementation is in full swing, and we continue our quest to find the best talent to support future growth demands.

Author: Sara Cotton, IT Coordinator @ L3 WESCAM

L3 WESCAM technology provides defence agencies around the world the tools they need to protect the countries they serve. To find out more about our technology, check out or visit us on YouTube. You can also visit us on Twitter at @L3WESCAM. If you are interested in talking with someone about how L3 WESCAM’s products and services can help improve your mission success please email us at

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