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Contact Information

Questions on technical specifications should be directed to WESCAM’s Sales Group at +1 (905) 633-4000.

You can contact WESCAM’s Customer Support Group by:


Within North America: +1-888-5WESCAM (593-7226)
Outside of North America: +1-905-633-4175


Repair & Status

For a repair quote, please contact the WESCAM Customer Support Group at +1 (888) 5WESCAM (593-7226). We may request further information before providing a quote. In some circumstances, we may request that you send the system to one of our facilities for evaluation.

Repair times vary, depending on the item being repaired, availability of spares and maintenance contract commitments. Repair times may range from a few hours to 30 days, depending on the specific failure and availability of spares. For customers who require short repair turn-around times, WESCAM offers support programs that guarantee short repair turn-around times.

To determine the status of your repair please contact the Customer Support Group by phoning +1 888 5WESCAM (593-7226).

Customers who purchase SRU spares will further reduce RTAT. At that time, WESCAM can provide a recommendation based on the number of fielded systems and your operational profile. Furthermore, customers who purchase LRU spares, for immediate replacement in-field receive the highest operational availability.

Spare Parts & Loaner Systems

Spare parts can be ordered by contacting WESCAM’s Customer Support Group at +1-905-633-4000. You may also email us to place your order or request for further information.


WESCAM provides tailored support services to its individual customers. Loaner systems can be made available to any customer, based on availability and the support plan purchased by the customer.

Yes, under an Annual Service Plan, depending on service plan and customer location. All LRUs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Typically, warranties take effect once the system has been delivered and accepted by the customer. This may vary if a customer requests a different warranty start date.

  • Failure or Damage during Normal Operations, Usage, Maintenance
  • Contractor Maintenance-Induced Failures or Damage
  • Reported Failures with No-Fault Found
  • Failure or Damage due to “Acts of God” (E.g. bird strikes, weather-related)
  • Failure or Damage due to Accidents
  • Customer Maintenance-Induced Failures or Damage
  • Failure or Damage for any reason upon exceeding the maximum negotiated hours for the deliver order or the total yearly maximum hours
  • Operational maintenance consumables
  • Program Management
  • Field Support Representatives (FSR)
  • Annual/Quarterly Reporting Process
  • Spares Analysis and Provisioning
  • Obsolescence Management

Annual Service Plans

  • One fixed annual fee for all repairs regardless of frequency or repair activity
  • Can be purchased for yearly or multi-year periods
  • Reduced administrative work for quoting and approval process
  • Reduced and guaranteed RTAT no waiting for funding or repair approval: repair job commences immediately on receipt of failed equipment
  • Tailored programs include program management support and status reports
  • Provided known budget requirements over multiple years
  • Review our Service Plans
  • All labor and material for a period of one year (or for the length of the purchased Service Plan) regardless of the number or type of repair tasks for all operational systems
  • Replacement of customer initially purchased spares used during repair tasks or through attrition
  • Expedited repairs through overtime and weekend work
  • Designated Program Manager
  • Guaranteed RTAT, can be tailored to individual customer requirements
  • Access to WESCAM common SRU’s e.g. temp sensors, motors, drives
  • Access to LRUs, as available e.g. turret