Maintenance Service Options

WESCAM has designed a number of comprehensive maintenance service options to fit every level of mission requirements. Our customers can tailor the service options to fit their needs and budget. WESCAM’s solutions are designed to:

  • Increase your operational availability (Ao)
  • Minimize Repair Turn-Around Time (RTAT)
  • Minimize administrative workload and delays
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

Annual Firm-Fixed-Price Per System

Ours is a true full-service, all-in-one customizable plan that encompasses all aspects of maintaining the MX-Series of EO/IR systems. This means that spare systems and parts, Field Service Representatives (FSR) and factory repairs all tailorable to include program management and reporting. A single annual fee for all services streamlines the administrative process.

  • Performance-Based Logistics
    Including all the power and flexibility of the annual firm-fixed-price service plan, the performance-based plan includes performance incentives and penalties based on identified requirements such as Ao or RTAT.
  • Support by the Flight Hour
    Support by the hour includes all of the benefits of the annual firm-fixed-price and performance based logistics service plans, with the added flexibility of pricing based on operational flight hours.

Firm-Fixed-Price Per Event
A set standard price per event, regardless of the level of repair required, providing cost stabilization with no up-front expenditures.  This plan reduces the amount of paperwork and approvals required, helping to expedite repairs.

Warranty And Extended Warranty
Standard and extended warranties provide protection against failures due to product defects or workmanship. Extended warranties can be purchased at the time of equipment purchase, or prior to the end of the standard warranty period.

Repair On Demand
Allows for individual quoting and invoicing for each repair.

WESCAM Kinetic™

WESCAM Kinetic is a suite of powerful situational awareness and target detection capabilities that easily integrate with WESCAM’s MX-Series of imaging sensors.  The Suite includes:

Kinetic™ ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
A map-based sensor management package providing operators with advances sensor control from an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Kinetic™ MTI – Moving Target Indicator
A moving target indicator tool that detects moving objects on a screen

Kinetic™ Speed
A powerful tool used to indicate the speed at which a target is moving on the ground or in the water