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Spare Units

Ensuring fast Repair-Turn-Around-Times (RTAT) and high levels of operational availability (Ao) for mission-critical applications often comes down to having the right spare systems and parts available.When incorporated with a Service Plan, L3Harris will assist in the logistics of spare Spare Line Replacement Units (SRU) and Line Replacement Unit (LRUs) storage, shipping, installation and repair, as well as automatically replenish any spares which are consumed during the repair at no cost.

Spare Line Replacement Units (LRUs)

LRUs are complete EO/IR systems that are intended to be exchanged when systems require repair.  This requires a minimal amount of training and effort while ensuring a high level of operational availability for critical missions.

Spare Shop Replacement Units (SRUs)

SRUs are the individual components and payloads that make up a complete EO/IR system.  Having dedicated and readily available SRUs greatly reduces the RTAT for failed systems.