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In order to properly assess your needs, kindly allow us to direct your repair

We are standing by to help maintain & service your system. For immediate assistance please contact us:

  • By phone:
    • Within North America: +1-888-5WESCAM (593-7226)
    • Outside of North America: +1-905-633-4175


Worldwide Authorized Service Centers

We have expanded our global footprint by partnering with leading service providers to create strategically located L3 WESCAM Authorized Service Centers (WASC’s) around the world. Our WASC’s provide customers with support services required to increase/maintain operational availability. WASC technicians are factory-trained and certified by L3 WESCAM, and all follow WESCAM’s documented in-house procedures.

Country L3 WESCAM Authorized Service Center & Website Systems Key Capabilities
Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Co LLC MX-10S, MX-15i/HDi, MX-15 DiA, MX-15Di Advanced Repair
Istanbul, Turkey Baykar Makina San.Ve Tic.A.S  MX-15Di Advanced Repair
Cairns, Australia Cobham Aviation Services  MX-10S, MX-10MS, MX-15, MX-15i/HDi, MX-20 Advanced Repair

Field Support

Marine Systems

Donnington, England Defense Electronics & Components Agency  MX-10S, MX-15, MX-15i/HDi, MX-15 Di, MX-20, MX-20 HD Advanced Repair
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Defense and Security Technology  MX-10S, MX-10 MS, MX-15i/HDi, MX-15 Di Advanced Repair
Madrid, Spain European Optronic Services SL MX-15, MX-15i/HDi Advanced Repair
Field Support
Cheltenham, England HeliMedia Ltd. MS-10S,  MX-15, Mx-15i/HDi, MX-20, MX-20 HD Advanced Repair

Field Support

Amman, Jordan King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau  MX-10S, MX-15i / HDi Basic Repair

Field Support

Pennsylvania, USA L3 Pittsburgh  MX-10S, MX-10D, MX-15, MX-15i/HDi, MX-15 DiA, MX-15 Di, MX-20,  MX-20 HD, MX-20 D Advanced Repair
Donauwoerth, Germany Telemeter Electronic GmbH  MX-10S, MX-15i/HDi, MX-20 HD Basic repair

Field Support

Rome, Italy Laboratorio Tevere Model 16 Support
Tokyo, Japan Totsu International Co. Ltd Model 16 Support