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IM-SHORAD – The International Demand for SHORAD Capability

The International Demand for SHORAD Capability. The Important Info on the Upward Surge in Global Interest and Uptake.

The urgent operational needs of the U.S. Army’s Initial Maneuver Short Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) strategy continue to be closely monitored by partner nation forces around the world who also demand similar levels in protection against new and emerging threats.

Such an appetite for resources continues to arise from an expanding spectrum of threats currently being observed across multiple operating environments. Some of the most prevalent threats include the continued employment of weaponized unmanned aerial systems (UAS), rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and other anti-tank munitions.

These uplifts in demand for SHORAD technology are focused not only on the survivability of forward deployed and rear echelon military forces but also increased protection levels of critical national infrastructure and civilian populations.

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In this SPECIAL REPORT you will learn about:

  • Demand for Resources - Where they are coming from, and why.

  • NATO - What NATO continues to pay close attention to.

  • Implication of U.S. Army IM-SHORAD Decision - What the U.S. Army chose, and how that technology is ideal for International SHORAD programs.




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