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The Silent Sentinels

Aerostats hover silently above, providing 24/7 aerial intelligence in support of military programs at home and abroad.
MX-15-i-CASA C295 FWSAR-rendering

When Minutes Matter

L3 WESCAM's advanced imaging technology can see through bad weather, darkness and thick vegetation to find and help people in trouble.
Mx-10D Sikorsky Blackhawk

Taking “Ordinary” Aircraft to the Next Level

Adapting existing aircraft with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology offers expanded capabilities at a significant cost savings.

When Wildcats Meet Water, it’s the Perfect Storm

From the UK to France to Saudi Arabia, EO/IR technology is giving maritime attack helicopters enhanced situational awareness capabilities, and helping naval forces to serve and protect.

The Sub Hunters

How U.S., Canadian and Australian navies are using WESCAM systems to hunt down hostile submarines.

We Made the List!

This year L3 WESCAM is excited to have earned a position on the list of Canada's top 100 Corporate Research & Development Spenders for 2017

L3 WESCAM Introduces Mission Rehearsal and Simulation Training Solutions Product Line

L3 WESCAM to Train Operators Using Latest Virtual Gaming Technology

Rock’n Roll Ribfest is Huge Success!

The Rockin Roll Ribfest and fundraiser for the United Way and Support our Troops was a huge success!

Virtual Training is no Game

How Mission Rehearsal and Simulated Training solutions are drastically cutting costs and preparing crews for the field more effectively and efficiently than ever.

Giving Combat Missions 360-Degree Visibility

Independent Stabilized Sighting systems give land combat vehicles full situational awareness - and crews a real tactical advantage.

5 Reasons Career Fairs Are Worth It

If you’re looking for a new job, is a hiring fair a good place to find it? Short answer is yes: our recent hiring event netted over 100 candidates.

Technology that Connects Communications Between Air, Land and Maritime Platforms

A common operating picture lets multiple teams respond as a unit, working together to protect infrastructure and people - and save lives.