Recommended Reads Archive

Article Archive Date Publication
Kiwi ISR
UK Mod Confirms Future Lynx Program Mar/09
Seeker ““ Made in Australia Sep/10
The Educated Criminal: SLASS System May-Jun/08
Sensors – Page #36 2010
Oh Blast! Apr/10
ISR in Afghanistan: SR Easier than I Feb/10
Trainers at a Cusp May/09
Icelandic Dash 8 Assisting with Gulf Oil Spill July 20, 2010
You Know Power by the Hour, How About Snooping by the Hour, Courtesy Airborne Surveillance Pty July 22, 2010
U.K. Balloon Goes Up Over Afghanistan Jun/10
MALE Delivery ““ Combat needs drive hot-house growth for the U.K’s Mantis demonstrator Feb 22/10-Mar23/10
Poseidon On Patrol Jul/09
Sikorsky S-61N NEW! Jan/08
Wildcat Sharpens The Claws of The Lynx Jun-Jul/09
Ontario’s Aerospace & Defence Industry Jun/10
Boeing May Offer V-22 for FWSAR Jun/10
Mantis Unveiled at Farnborough Apr/10 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)
L-3 WESCAM and L-3 Communication Systems-West; Joining forces to supply critical systems for the Canadian Forces Apr/10 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)
L-3 WESCAM selected for Boeing’s P-8A Program May/08
Canada: New Capabilities, New Missions in Afghanistan Apr 27/09
Evolution of the Species: Agustawestland Eyes Regional Opportunities for AW159 Jun/09 Defence Review Asia
On Target 2010
Unmarked Chopper patrols New York City From Above May 28/08
What’s new, pussycat? AgustaWestland begins breeding its new-look Wildcat Sep/10
Eyes in the sky: MARSS and Liberty build on anti-IED role Sep/10
Airborne imagery aids L’Aquila Relief May-Jun/10
US Tests New Full-Motion Video Sensor For Predator Jul 24/09
Little Bird Conducts Live Fire DAGR Tests Jul 17/09
Long Range IR/EO-System by L-3 WESCAM July, 2010
Day and Night (an MX-15i imaging Testimonial) Jul/09
Flying with London Met Police’s New EC145s Jul/08
SAR S-92 The MCA’s new workhorse – Page #32 on Digital Magazine Feb-Mar/09
Rapid Response (Article on the UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter) Mar-Apr/10
Merlin’s Second Coming (Article on Royal Navy’s Merlin helicopter fleet) Mar-Apr/10
Italy’s Antares Chinooks in action Nov-Dec/10
Inside Industry Nov-Dec/09
Aircraft Report AW139: multi-mission defined Vol 2, No 1 09
Look at the size of my turret Spring/10
As real as it gets Spring/10
The United Kingdom Issue 54 Waypoint