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L3 WESCAM Drone Shot

L3 WESCAM Making History with Record-High Sales

L3 WESCAM Wins ISR Sensors Contracts Valued at More Than $300 Million in First Half of 2018
WESCAM Factory Tour

WESCAM Behind-the-Scenes – The Plant Tour

Watch our video about L3 WESCAM's state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering, optical design and rigorous testing that our product goes through to ensure that our clients can SEE FIRST and ACT FIRST

L3 WESCAM Cultivates a Healthy Environment for Bees and Humans Alike

WESCAM employees were invited to a lunch and learn, where they were treated to a sample of our honey as well as a talk about the ins and outs of beekeeping.
WESCAM Volleyball

L3 WESCAM Beach Volleyball Teams Bring Passion to the Court

L3 WESCAM Beach Volleyball Teams bring passion to our on-site courts. Just one of the Wellness at WESCAM initiatives gaining traction to encourage work-life balance and employee health.
Leonardo AWHero with L3 WESCAM MX-10

Partnering with Leonardo on UAV Based Surveillance Solution

New L3 WESCAM UAV solution will support a wide range of border and coast guard missions in Europe including environment protection, maritime safety and security, fisheries control, border control, law enforcement and customs.
Welcome to Burlington

7 Things to Love About Living in Burlington, Ontario

A quick introduction to Burlington and where you’ll find our corporate headquarters, a close-knit community and a great family-friendly lifestyle.
MX-25-Comparison Video

L3 WESCAM New Technologies Comparison Video for MX-25/D

L3 WESCAM recently launched a series of new technologies within our MX™-Series airborne systems. We are glad to report that each new technology is now available in our MX-25 and MX-25D products.
L3 WESCAM Hackathon Contestants 2018

L3 WESCAM Hosts First Ever HackWESCAM Event!

What started as an idea to engage students and recent graduates from colleges and universities across the GTA quickly turned into a showcase of collective minds and extreme talent.
Welcome to Canada

Moving to Canada – One Family’s Experience – Part 3

A spouse’s perspective on pulling up roots and moving from the UK to Canada after a job offer and acceptance to her husband, took her to Burlington, Ontario.
Burlington Central High Students - Robotics Sponsorship

L3 WESCAM Support Powers High Schoolers To Robotics Competition

L3 WESCAM’s $1,000 sponsorship of Burlington Central High School’s entry into the FIRST Robotics Competition is being recognized by teachers and students alike.
United Kingdom Passport Cover

6 Tips For a Smooth Relocation from the UK to Canada – Part 2

Relocating from the UK to Burlington, Ontario is a big decision. Not only for a new job candidate, but also for their family. In this first-hand account, David Andrew, ILS Manager at L3 WESCAM, explains his tips for a successful move.

L3 WESCAM Cheque Presentation to United Way

The L3 WESCAM community does it again! The United Way Halton & Hamilton was presented with a cheque last week thanks to the generous donations from the L3 WESCAM Community.