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Relocating To Work at L3 WESCAM – Part 1 of a 4 part series

As we step up our UK recruitment, Tim Pike, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, talks about the process, the people and our growing team.
L3 WESCAM Mx-15 Video

New Technology Comparison Videos for MX-15 and MX-15D

L3 WESCAM announces side-by-side comparison videos demonstrating the advanced performance of the recently launched new technologies in the MX-15 and MX-15D Matrix Series systems.
L3 WESCAM Comparison Video New Technology

Side-by-Side Comparison Videos: New Technologies in MX-10 and MX-10D

L3 WESCAM has recently released comparison videos highlighting their new and more advanced technologies on the MX-10 and MX-10D Matrix Series Systems. You can find them all here or use the keyword search "Comparison" in our brand new Media Library.
L3 WESCAM New Texchnologies Blog

L3 WESCAM Launches Smarter, More Accurate Imaging and Processing Technologies

L3 WESCAM announced today that it has created smarter, more technologically advanced electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) systems by incorporating high-performing imaging and processing technologies into its MX™-Series product line.

L3 WESCAM Wins Defense Contracts Valued at More Than $250 Million USD in Second Half of 2017

L3 WESCAM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of stabilized, multi-spectral imaging systems. To learn more about L3 WESCAM, please visit the company’s website at
ERP Team at work

Winning with ERP – Increasing Business Efficiency and Profitability

The new year meant a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for L3 WESCAM, designed to support the growth of our business and provide a foundation for the future.

$20K Raised for Wounded Warriors Canada

Our Servicemen, Servicewomen and First Responders know the cost of defending our way of life better than anyone. As a thank you to the brave men and women who give so much, we donate to Wounded Warriors Canada.
L3 WESCAM is coming to the United Kingdom

Attention UK job seekers

In the interest of finding the best talent for L3 WESCAM's future growth demands, we have decided to take our search abroad. If you have ever thought of living and working in Canada, this might be the perfect opportunity.

The Silent Sentinels

Aerostats hover silently above, providing 24/7 aerial intelligence in support of military programs at home and abroad.
MX-15-i-CASA C295 FWSAR-rendering

When Minutes Matter

L3 WESCAM's advanced imaging technology can see through bad weather, darkness and thick vegetation to find and help people in trouble.
Mx-10D Sikorsky Blackhawk

Taking “Ordinary” Aircraft to the Next Level

Adapting existing aircraft with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology offers expanded capabilities at a significant cost savings.

When Wildcats Meet Water, it’s the Perfect Storm

From the UK to France to Saudi Arabia, EO/IR technology is giving maritime attack helicopters enhanced situational awareness capabilities, and helping naval forces to serve and protect.