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Airborne Targeting

L3Harris’ designating systems enables teams to dominate the battlefield 24/7, with greater precision than ever before. Field proven, with extensive deployment, their WESCAM MX™-Series designating systems offer “plug-and-play” installation, and high-sensitivity multi-spectral sensors for day, low-light and night-time missions. High mean-time-between-failures (MTBFs) are achieved through a diode-pumped laser target designator, and systems offer precise GEO-Pointing technologies for hands-free simplicity regardless of aircraft movement or obstructions. The capability is here. Now is the time to invest in visual technologies that dominate enemy operations.

Technology Enhancements Include:

  • Higher sensitivity sensors to help you see better.
  • Intelligent Processing technologies to help you operate easier.
  • Operator Advisers to help you to analyze with confidence.