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Missions & Platforms

An Ideal Targeting Solution for: Long-Range, High-Altitude, Target Acquisition and Designation missions
Installations: Fixed-wing, UAV, Aerostat

Product Features & Benefits

Multi-Sensor Imaging/Laser Payload Options

  • Currently supports up to seven sensors simultaneously
  • Superior HD imaging resolution from Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) cameras
  • Long-range target Illumination, Pointing, Range-Finding and Designating
  • Short Wave IR imaging required for laser spot imaging enhances haze penetration and target contrast
  • Latest Enhancements – See video of technology enhancements

Laser Spot Tracker (LST)

  • Compatible with standard U.S. and NATO designator codes
  • Automatically detects a designator spot of a given code in its field of view
    • automatically slews the system’s line of sight to the laser energy

Dual-channel daylight and EMCCD low-light EO wide-angle zoom

  • EMCCD low-light imaging capability – wide-angle zoom sensor
    • Enhances situational awareness under a wide range of illumination conditions

Advanced Image Processing

  • Real-time image enhancement for EO day, EO night and Infrared IR
  • Increased stand-off range
  • Improved feature detection and recognition
  • High-performance haze penetration

Laser Target Designator

  • Compact, efficient and reliable diode-pumped laser
  • IMU-inside technology & exceptional EO/IR sensor range achieves unparalleled designating ranges
  • Designator electronics package is incorporated into the turret payload

High-Performance MX-GEO Software Suite

  • Achieves the highest target location accuracy
  • Automatic Video-Tracking and GEO-Tracking provides robust target tracking
  • WESCAM MX-GEO automatically aligns to the aircraft
  • Robust automatic image focus

Uncompromised Stabilization

  • Five-axis gimbal with internal IMU
  • All payloads are fully stabilized
  • NAV-grade IMU enhances target location accuracy

MX-Series Commonality

  • Common operator interfaces and Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • Simplified interchangeability
  • Efficiencies in product support and technology enhancements
  • Ease and familiarity of use
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