Ideal for: Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Ground Combat and
Force Protection missions

Ground Installations: Amphibious, Armored Combat and Reconnaissance Vehicles,
including mast-mounted

The MX-RSTA is a highly modular system that can be configured based on your mission, desired capability, and budget. Available solutions for Commander Independent Viewers, above-armor Gunner Sighting Systems, fixed/mobile Border Surveillance, and Mobile Reconnaissance applications.


Multi-Sensor Imaging/Lasing Payload Options

  • Mid-wave large-format cooled thermal sensor
  • Dual-channel EO option, with separate color CMOS and low-light EMCCD cameras
  • High Magnification Spotter for long stand-off operation
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Near IR laser target marker

Digital Sensors / Advanced Image Processing

  • Real-time image enhancement of all sensors / high performance haze penetration
  • Improved feature recognition and ID
  • Imaging blending between IR and EO sensors
  • Video tracker

Uncompromised Performance

  • Fully active 4-axis steering and stabilization
  • 6 degree-of-freedom internal passive isolator
  • Precision large aperture, long focal length optics
  • High definition (HD) color sensors

Fully Integrated System for Installation Simplicity

  • Integrated electronics
  • Built-in vibration and shock isolation
    • no external shock isolator
  • Optional built-in GPS


  • Qualified to US military standards for environmental and electromagnetic compliance
  • Ruggedized for both ground and shipboard use
  • Reliability assured by accelerated life testing
  • Supplementary mud and salt testing
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Product Datasheet

WESCAM Kinetic™

WESCAM Kinetic is a suite of powerful situational awareness and target detection capabilities that easily integrate with WESCAM’s MX-Series of imaging sensors.  The Suite includes:

Kinetic™ ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
A map-based sensor management package providing operators with advances sensor control from an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Kinetic™ MTI – Moving Target Indicator
A moving target indicator tool that detects moving objects on a screen

Kinetic™ Speed
A powerful tool used to indicate the speed at which a target is moving on the ground or in the water