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Missions & Platforms

Ideal for: Gunner Sight, Commander Sight, Situational Awareness missions
Installations: Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)

Independent Stabilized Sighting System

Product Features & Benefits

As a Gunner Sight

The WESCAM MX-GCS can identify threats beyond the range of the vehicle’s weapon system, allowing for standoff distance engagements at maximum effective ranges.

As a Commander Sight

The WESCAM MX-GCS provides vehicle commanders the ability to scan for, identify and track targets (Hunter) independent of the gunner system, hand-off identified threats between target acquisition systems (Killer) or fire weapons autonomously from the commander position.

Enhance Your Situational Awareness

  • 360 degree scanning capability independent of the gun turret axis
  • Integrate a series of high-performing sensors for optimal visibility, day and night
  • Mid-wave large-format cooled thermal imager
  • High Definition (HD) daylight imaging sensor
  • Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder

Reduce Your Detection Time

  • Real-time image enhancement of all sensors
  • High-performance haze penetration
  • Improved feature recognition and Identification
  • Image blending – combine day and infrared night images into a single image stream, affording the operator the benefits of both

Uncompromised Sighting and Firing Efficiency

  • Fully active gimbal stabilizes and steers the imager and rangefinder’s line-of-sight in azimuth and elevation
  • High accuracy gimbal position feedback for target handoff applications
  • High boresight accuracy and retention
  • Optional
  • Target auto-tracking facility – utilize high-speed or stationary mission profiles
  • Armor accessory – protects against small arms fire
  • Proven – live fire tested with 30mm and 105mm gun systems

Fully Integrated for Installation simplicity

  • Integrated electronics
  • Interfaces to dual-channel gun resolver
  • High-vibration / shock suppression and positional accuracy for gun sight applications
  • Field-Swappable


  • Qualified to U.S. Military standards for environmental and electromagnetic compliance
  • Reliability assured by accelerated life testing
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