UH-60 MatriX ISR Solution

A Modular Package for the Black Hawk UH-60 Platform

WESCAM’s MatriX™ ISR solution for the UH-60 is a combination of best-in-class Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies working together to expand the mission capabilities of the Black Hawk platform. The solution transforms this proven utility helicopter into one with full ISR capabilities in as little as six hours. The UH-60 maintains its full utility capability throughout the upgrade. Removing ISR capabilities and reverting back to its original state can be completed in approximately two hours. Both transitions are accomplished with minimal risk – at a low cost.

Adding ISR Capability to the UH-60

The compact UH-60 MatriX ISR solution includes an MX™-Series surveillance or designating turret. Configured for ISR operations, the turret is equipped with multi-spectral imaging capabilities, ensuring 24/7 visibility, high-accuracy target GEO-Location software and stable auto-mode gimbal steering. Additionally, its fully-stabilized sensor suite enables effective, long standoff operation.

UH-60 Mission Console

The UH-60’s compact walk-on/walk-off console is equipped with a mission computer, featuring a moving map and operator interface, as well as sensor management and automation tools. Also included are video analytic features, such as L3 WESCAM’s Moving Target Indicator (MTI), high-definition (HD) monitors, mission planning tools and a mission recorder. The console is fully compatible and easily interfaces with additional pieces of auxiliary mission equipment.

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WESCAM Kinetic™

WESCAM Kinetic is a suite of powerful situational awareness and target detection capabilities that easily integrate with WESCAM’s MX-Series of imaging sensors.  The Suite includes:

Kinetic™ ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
A map-based sensor management package providing operators with advances sensor control from an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Kinetic™ MTI – Moving Target Indicator
A moving target indicator tool that detects moving objects on a screen

Kinetic™ Speed
A powerful tool used to indicate the speed at which a target is moving on the ground or in the water