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WESCAM MX™-Series New Technologies

“Smart” Sensor Systems That Help You to See More, Operate Easier & Analyze with Confidence.

What is a Smart Sensor?

The best tactical imaging systems start with high-performance imagers complete with HD full-motion cameras and sharp, high-magnification optics.  Add in advanced gimbal technology – complete with industry-leading stabilization, and you have a system with the best target detection, recognition, and identification range-performance possible. Tie in progressive image-processing capabilities and you’ve got the latest generation MX™-Series EO/IR imaging system.

High Sensitivity Color & Step Zoom Spotter

See More.

Providing forces with an advantage in any low-visibility/no-visibility environment, L3Harris has introduced higher sensitivity EO/IR cameras in their WESCAM MX airborne product line. Now you can see better – even when others can’t.

High Sensitivity Color Cameras

  • Sensitivity improved up to four times
  • Enables imaging performance to be extended into sub-optimal illumination conditions such as dusk, overcast skies and night-time urban-lit scenes
  • Low-light colour performance aids target identification tasks – e.g. identify the colour of a car at dusk
  • WESCAM MX™-10, MX™-10D, MX™-15, MX™-15D, MX™-20, MX™-20D MX™-25, MX™-25D

Step Zoom Spotter

High Definition Infrared (HDIR)
  • Increases sensitivity for imaging under challenging conditions.
  • Provides three magnification levels in the narrow- field-of-view.
  • Increases target detection, recognition & identification at the highest magnification level.
  • Allows the operator to balance magnification with field-of-view.
  • WESCAM MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

High Definition IR (HDIR)

  • Increases the field-of-view for improved situational awareness, target detection, recognition and identification range performance.
  • WESCAM MX-10, MX-10D, MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

High Definition SWIR

  • Provides superior resolution when imaging at the limits of atmospheric visibility.
  • Directly images the laser designator spot.
  • WESCAM MX-10, MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D
    WESCAM SWIR Technology - Technology that sees through smoke, fog, dust and more

High Definition (HD) Low-light

  • Maintains ideal target detection, recognition and identification range performance under challenging illumination conditions.
  • Successfully images laser target markers, personnel beacons, etc.
  • WESCAM MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

Operate Easier

Tracking targets throughout the duration of a mission can be relentless. Operator fatigue can affect the outcome of a mission in the blink of an eye. It’s time to invest in technologies that significantly reduce operator burden and significantly improve the ease, accuracy and success of your every mission.

Advanced Video Tracker (AVT)

Advanced Video Tracker

  • Automatically identifies potential targets in a scene & allows the operator to select the desired target to be tracked.
  • Maintains tracking through direction changes, occlusions, appearance & field-of-view changes.
  • No requirement for the operator to select an algorithm – a general purpose algorithm provides high-performance tracking across a variety of target & scene conditions.
  • WESCAM MX-10, MX-10D, MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

Embedded Moving Target Indicator

Embedded Moving Target Indicator (MTI)
  • Automatically detects and annotates all objects moving in a scene, highlighting the desired object against all other visuals in a scene.
  • Incorporates advanced detection capabilities such as automatic color recognition to highlight items of interest i.e. – orange detection to look for items such as lifejackets or flares.
  • WESCAM MX-10, MX-10D, MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

Analyze with Confidence.

Sometimes there is more to a picture than what meets the eye. And correctly analyzing a scene in time-sensitive missions remains critical. Wouldn’t a capability that helps you to analyze a scene with better confidence be helpful?

Pseudo-Color IR

  • Cues the operator to the most intense objects in the thermal band.
    Pseudo-Color IR
  • Enables operators to easily tell the difference between a “hot” from a “reflective” image in IR mode.
  • Allows the operator to differentiate between “hot” and “bright” objects in blended images.
  • WESCAM MX-10, MX-10D, MX-15, MX 15D, MX-20, MX-20D MX-25, MX-25D

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