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MX-RAid ““ Remote Aid for WESCAM’s MX-Series of EO/IR Turrets

We offer an advanced service kit for remote diagnostic evaluation of fielded MX-Series EO/IR systems. This exclusive capability provides WESCAM’s customers immediate access to an in-house factory technician who can diagnose actual system faults from afar.

The MX-RAid provides a remote aid diagnostic capability and is a powerful tool for remote troubleshooting, diagnostics and prognostic/predictive maintenance planning.

How MX-RAid Works

MX-RAid over the Internet

Provides a data link between a WESCAM technician and the fielded MX system, allowing for live video, voice or text chat capability and the streaming of live video. This access is made available via an internet connection between the system’s remote diagnostic computer and the technician’s diagnostic computer. The technician’s computer can located at any one of WESCAM’s Authorized Service Center (WASC) facilities.

MX-RAid via Satellite

Provides both voice and a data link between the WESCAM technician and field maintenance personnel. This access is made available via a connection between the system and satellite modem. After a quick and easy set-up at the end users location, the WESCAM technician can access the MX system and perform diagnostics through a dedicated IP address.

MX-RAid Benefits
Benefit Results
 Access to WESCAM trained technicians  Reduced downtime for the end user, resulting in improved availability
Ability to enable adjustments in order to return some turrets to operational capability Provides increased system availability
Virtually eliminates the occurrence of “No Fault Found” (NFF) systems Elimination of some system returns to factory
Lower life-cycle costs Reduction in overall system support costs by eliminating the need to return systems for NFF or minor repairs


  • MX-RAid can’t be initiated during flight, and is considered remote ground support equipment
  • The only connection made to the MX system is through the internal maintenance software ““ this limits information to internal diagnostic and maintenance information
  • The internet version allows sensor images to be transmitted at the customers discretion
  • If the MX system has GPS capability, the GPS can be disabled by unplugging the GPS cable which removes the GPS coordinates from the overlay menus
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