Ideal for: Simulation Training & Rehearsal capability, freeing critical Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) assets for deployment

Features & Benefits

Leading Simulation Technology

  • Extremely realistic training through high-quality graphics, superior simulated targets and adaptable operational scenarios
  • Provides full simulation of all existing WESCAM MX™-Series turrets, including laser sensor simulation
  • Interfaces with all WESCAM operator controls
  • Seamless interfacing with Global Defense standard simulator engine and Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2)
  • Future capability – HLA (High Level Architecture) and DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) compatible

Create your Mission Scenario

  • Provides multiple user mission scenarios including maritime, urban and rural scenarios
  • Adjustable external environment includes weather changes, day/night, fog and haze
  • Customer selectable platforms – Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing aircraft
  • Provides mission logging/recording for post-simulation analysis

Cost Effective

  • Reduces costs associated with flights (fuel, crew time, maintenance, wear and tear on aircraft)
  • Up to 70% savings over traditional flight training, depending on platform and student class size
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WESCAM Kinetic™

WESCAM Kinetic is a suite of powerful situational awareness and target detection capabilities that easily integrate with WESCAM’s MX-Series of imaging sensors.  The Suite includes:

Kinetic™ ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
A map-based sensor management package providing operators with advances sensor control from an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Kinetic™ MTI – Moving Target Indicator
A moving target indicator tool that detects moving objects on a screen

Kinetic™ Speed
A powerful tool used to indicate the speed at which a target is moving on the ground or in the water