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Turnkey Aircraft & WESCAM MX Imaging Services

Aircraft & Imaging Services

For over 20 years, L3Harris’ Air Ops team has supported customers who require access to turnkey special mission equipped aircraft. Our current fleet of aircraft consists of two Cessna 182’s and a 208B Grand Caravan. Each aircraft can be equipped with L3Harris’ most advanced WESCAM MX™-Series EO/IR Imaging and Laser Designating systems. These can be further augmented by incorporating the latest in data-link technology, mission mapping systems, and supplemental sensors such as SAR or LIDAR.  Multiple systems simultaneously installed on the 208B Grand Caravan delivers customers an extremely capable and cost-effective test or mission platform.

Key capabilities Air Ops provides to customers are:

  • Training (Ground and In-Flight)
    • WESCAM MX Operation and Operational Maintenance
    • Custom courses tailored to customer needs
  • ISR Simulation and Training
    • Surrogate RPA services
    • Multiple data-link options
    • Seamless integration into digital CAS environments
  • R&D Flights
    • MX sensor integration
    • Other internal/external payloads (wing pylons with integrated bomb racks)
    • Customer furnished equipment
    • Customer flight demonstrations
  • Weapons Testing
    • Fuselage and wing carriage options
    • Captive carry
    • Laser Designation
    • Live fire
    • Test event FMV support

Combining services to better meet our customers’ needs:

Having tailored our fleet to match customer mission requirements, Air Ops has captured years of hands-on integration experience. As a result, we understand the time, budget and installation challenges customers experience when it comes to aircraft modifications. Air Ops combines flexibility and agility with experience and first-hand mission knowledge to create a solid project partner.

Services include:

  • FAA certified
    • Airframe modifications-STCs for Cessna 182, 206, and 208B aircraft
    • Electrical modifications
    • Custom fabrication and installation
    • Custom cable manufacturing and repair

For more information on Air Ops’ services, please contact:

Cooper Gordon
Air Operations Manager
+1 970-663-5401

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