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WESCAM MX™-Series Advanced Operator

The mission is unfolding right in front of you. There are always several choices that need to be considered, and decisions need to be made as though they were instinctive. As the operator of a critical-mission tool, you are being relied upon to optimize your equipment’s performance and results under the toughest of conditions. To achieve this level of execution knowledge, L3Harris has developed a fully customizable in-class and in-flight training course.

L3Harris’ Advanced Operator Training course has been designed for:

  • Experienced operators of WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR imaging and targeting turrets
  • Operators who have taken Operations and Organizational Maintenance Course

The Advanced Operator course is comprised of a set of common modules that will be completely customized to match the turret configuration and mission requirements. The course curriculum is set up as follows:

  • Mission Planning and Execution
    • Pre-mission planning
    • Mission execution and tactics
    • Live-mission analysis
    • Post-mission review
  • Advanced System Operations
    • Sensor selection and optimization
    • Steering mode selections
  • Customized Training Missions
    • In-flight training missions
    • WESCAM MX-Sim training missions

Course Length and Availability

  • Depending on the required amount of module customization and flight schedules, the course can run between 3 to 5 days in length
  • Course dates and times are built around each customer’s availability as the final curriculum is designed to match the exact requirements of each customer group

Purchase Options

  • By individual seats
  • At a discounted rate if the entire session is purchased by one organization

Upcoming Course Dates

  • New dates will be released soon. Please check back regularly

Our Complete Training Solution

The Advanced Operator Training course is a critical component of L3Harris’ complete training solution. This comprehensive solution is a portfolio of training offerings designed for execution over a period of several years to keep operators, maintainers and their WESCAM MX systems operating at their maximum potential.

For more information on the Advanced Operator Training course, contact our customer service new business manager at 1-888-593-7226 or alternatively at

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