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WESCAM eLearning

Training Solutions

For your WESCAM MX™-Series Systems, ensure your team has the knowledge and confidence to be successful with comprehensive training solutions that are always accessible where and when you need them.

WESCAM’s eLearning Operation and Organizational Maintenance course is an interactive computer based training course designed for:

  • Operators and maintainers of WESCAM MX-Series turrets
  • Training new employees
  • Providing refresher training to existing employees

Immediate benefits of eLearning with WESCAM:

  • Experienced operators & maintainers have a constant reference tool available 24/7
  • Provides up to a 70% cost savings over traditional training courses
  • Eliminates the expenditures such as travel and lodging
  • Reduces the need to ground personnel and missions
  • Significantly expands organizational training

Typical eLearning Menu

In a world where details matter, the MX-Series eLearning solution takes a scenario-based, interactive approach to learning to ensure optimal image resolution and target acquisition across a number of mission and environmental conditions. Modeled after our instructor led Operations and Organizational Maintenance in-class course, the MX-Series eLearning solution is an interactive and modular course that provides students with the skills and confidence to successfully operate and maintain the MX turrets over a variety of mission scenarios.

Learning Courses Available

Operational and Organizational Maintenance for our WESCAM MX-10, MX-15, and MX-20 systems

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