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See Through Smoke, Fog and Haze with Short-wave infrared (SWIR) Technology

Achieve superior imaging resolution in low-visibility/no-visibility environments with L3Harris’ high-resolution SWIR imager options.

Available in:

  • Tactical WESCAM MX™-10 surveillance and targeting systems

  • Medium and long-range WESCAM MX-15, MX-20 and MX-25 surveillance and targeting airborne products

SWIR imagers are more effective at penetrating smoke, haze and fog versus color or near-IR imagers.

Penetrate Smoke, Haze and Fog with WESCAM MX SWIR Technology

Equip the fleet with technologies that perform over a wide range of imaging, light and environmental conditions. Enable your operators to see first and act first. With SWIR technology from L3Harris, even our smallest products provide superior imaging in the most difficult mission conditions.