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Ensure Your Investment Works for You. Important “Must Know Info” before you buy

EOIR Whitepaper ThumbnailHighly-reliable EO/IR systems are regarded as ‘must-have’ tools and an essential element within C4ISR – Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission portfolios.

The use of EO/IR surveillance and targeting systems across militaries, paramilitaries and law enforcement agencies is widespread.  And the investment to purchase is big. With missions changing it’s important the investment you make today, will serve you well into the future.

In this new SPECIAL REPORT you will learn about:

  • ISR Imagers –  What configuration is best for you, what to use during day & night missions.
  • Stabilization Levels – How low levels directly affect mission success.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – How this important calculation is determined.



The industry’s best EO/IR systems are customized and configured with imaging and laser sensors. This special report will help you make a well informed purchasing decision by outlining the technologies and capabilities to look for when comparing systems, key things to ask EO/IR vendors as well as what you should expect from a vendor prior to making a purchase decision.


For more information on L3 WESCAM‘s world leading EO / IR Surveillance and Targeting products please click on images below:

WESCAM Whitepaper on U.S. DODWescam_TourMap of the World