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Top EO/IR Technology, Platforms and Uses by the US DoD

The United States Department of Defense relies on the latest EO/IR technology to keep their country & people safe. In this new SPECIAL REPORT by former IHS Janes editor Michael J. Gething, you will learn:History-and-Overview-of-US-DoD-EOIR-Technology

  • Which US DoD missions & platforms rely on EO/IR technology for success
  • Why US DoD invests in the latest EO/IR technology
  • How US DoD has evolved surveillance & targeting activities over the last 50 years


The U.S. is a world leader in the adoption and application of new technology to enable their important missions. The core mission of the US Department of Defense is to defend the security of their country and sustain American influence abroad. Throughout history, the success of this mission has been dependent on being able to observe, understand and act more quickly & precisely than opposing forces.  This capability is based on always having the most modern EO/IR surveillance and targeting technologies, only the best technology and weaponry will do.

The U.S. relies on the latest EO/IR to complete successful missions around the world. They view this technology as core to keep its communities, infrastructure and soldiers and allies safe.

We asked Michael J. Gething, a retired editor for EO/IR Systems at IHS Janes (2003-2015), to prepare the attached report on what the US DOD is currently doing with EO/IR technologies in the Defence industry, and for what applications.


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